A practical question is how to maintain a wig in the heat?


Many people ask me don’t you get hot in the summer?


The answer is NO


Why is that?

I frequently wear my majesty wig line. Majesty wigs are hand made wigs designed by me and the cap is awesome.


It has an adjustable strap at the back so it will fit nice and sung on your head, but be comfortable at the same time. It has excellent ventilation. This way your hair can BREATHE. I always tell my clients break free from the weave and let your real hair breathe.  Read below on more tips so you can stay cool while wearing your wig!

You can take the wig off at night!

Taking your wig off at night is helpful because you are allowing your hair to breathe.  Remember a sweaty head causes both your real hair and wig to stink. To avoid stinky hair let your hair breathe at night and wash your hair regularly.


Also be sure to moisturize your scalp!

Play around with shorter lengths in the summer!

Majesty wig color 30 at top and 4 in the rear

Get a shorter length wig for the summer

A bob

Short sexy curls





Have adequate tools in your purse!

Pin it up. Walk with a hair claw or a hair tie so if it get to hot you can can put the wig in a pony or a bun.



Wet and Wavy Baby

To stay cool in the summer. Many people go to the beach, run around in the sprinklers, go to the local pools, so should you. Don’t let your hair keep you back. Get a wet and wavy look for the summer. That way you can look great and stay cool. All you need is h2o to maintain the waves along with a curl activator. Spray and go.

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