By: Wig Expert, Yondel Benjamin CEO of Queens of Wigs 

A common question that arises about wigs is …

I want to wear a lace wig BUT I am scared the glue will damage my real hair what do you suggest. 

First things first, its a myth that lace wigs cause hair damage. Improper lace wig applications cause hair damage and a common trend for hair loss is ignoring your real hair! 

One of the 5 deadliest wig sins is forgetting to take care of your real hair underneath the wig! 

To answer the question here is what you can do to avoid hair damage while wearing pieces 

  • Have a certified lace wig specialist apply the wig correctly 

  • Always take care of you real hair underneath the wig. 

  • Don’t wear a wig to cover up problems. Face the hair problem by discussing possible solutions 

  • If you do not want to wear glue then take advantage of the no glue lace wig! 

A no glue lace wig is constructed just like a regular full lace wig cap. The only difference is that adjustable straps are added at the back and its made with a stretchy material so that it clings to your skin therefore glues and tapes are not needed. 

No Glue full lace wig cap

With the no glue full lace wig client have a variety they can pin it up or wear it down. Being that its made with high quality human hair it can be styled as desired and colored. 

The no glue lace wig application time is much shorter than a full lace wig. Easy on easy off. Instantly applied. You have a flawless and realistic part as well. 



















The only difference with a no glue lace front is that you only have lace in the front so you are limited to parting in the very front. 

An instant solution to those that are dying to wear wigs but want to avoid the glue is to try a no glue piece. For more information on ordering a no glue lace wig or no glue lace front please contact us at


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