Wendy NOW

Before the Wendy Williams Show there was the Wendy Williams Experience.


Just like any celebrity Wendy had to work her way to the top. Now I constantly get calls for Wendy Williams’ wigs and I give it to her she looks glamorous and amazing but she has gone through a significant wig transformation. Wendy we can clearly tell has gone from store bought tangly synthetic to high quality custom pieces.


If this isn’t a style transformation I do not know what is! Often times in the media we focus on peoples bad days. Let’s focus on their good and what they have become and where they are going. Wendy has rose her way to the top. Her wig designers and style team deserve credit to.

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Lets take a look


We started seeing more of Wendy via the Wendy Williams Experience of VH1

She was BOLD and BLONDE! Many were afraid to go on her show because they knew she was not afraid to ask what others would not dare ask. Below Wendy is rocking a simple bob! Let’s take a look at all her signature pieces throughout the years…

Wendy Circa 2004





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