Wig Making Is BIG Business In Entertainment Industry

Wig Making With Celebrity Stylist Hadiiya Barbel Celebrity Stylist & Crown Creator Hadiiya Barbel and Hair Business Coach, Yondel Hadiiya held a Wig Styling Class that Yondel attended

Pay close attention to what’s going on, on your TV screen. Take a real close look, you ever find yourself questioning is that a wig on her head? Chances are high it is! Wigs help protect entertainers real hair from daily wear and tear of their demanding jobs. When you really think of it, many celebrity stylists work with wigs frequently. It doesn’t matter the ethnicity of their client base because in the entertainment industry lots of celebrities of all races wear wigs.

In the words of celebrity stylist Kiyah Wright, “behind every gorgeous celebrity is a fabulous hairstylist”


What do you have to do to work with the big wigs? If you attain to work with celebrities then you need to know the ins and outs of wigs! Do you know wigs? No, do you really know wigs? Are you up to date with the latest wig making techniques? If you got a call to go on set tomorrow would your wig making skills fit the script and more importantly would you be able to quickly produce something in a 24 hour time frame?


If you answered no to any of the above. Read on, its time to upgrade your units by enhancing your wig making skills ASAP!


Celebrity stylists like Kiyah Wright, Terence Davidson, Hadiiya Barbel, Kim Kimble and  Neal Farinah have all worked with a variety of celebrities and majority of these celebrities wear wigs. To drop a few names they’ve styled Rihanna, Heidi Klum, Beyonce, Nicki, Jennifer Hudson, Mary J Blige, Tyra Banks and the list goes on and on.


In the entertainment business the wig business is BIG business.  Wig making is a a lucrative craft. More importantly its a rewarding skill to help enhance the beauty of others through your company’s wigs.


You can stay up to date with wigs by attending hair shows, taking wig making classes or purchasing The Wig Making Made Easy DVD.


Yondel Benjamin is a passionate wig designer and educator. She creates high quality customized pieces. Yondel has had a passion for hair and weaves since the 7th grade. She decided to turn her passion for hair into an empire by creating Queens of Wigs. She educates others on how to make wigs and most importantly how to maintain your real hair underneath the wig. Yondel specializes in hand designed wigs known as her majesty wig line and lace wigs. Let Yondel help you bring your wig to the next level.




Kim Kimble’s Curling Beauty Secret and Other Must Have’s for Curls

Image of Syleena Johnson after being styled by Kim Kimble of LA Hair

Last week on LA hair, Kim Kimble styled Syleena Johnson’s hair with a gadget that gave her beautiful curls. Days ago Kim revealed her beauty secret on her facebook fan page. The bulky looking gadget is called the Instyler Rotating Hot Iron and its available for purchase at Target. I think I may have to purchase this tool to create beautiful curls.


The Instyler

If you like curly styles then the curling wand and flexi-rods is a must.

Curling Wand:

Conair curling want. Image courtesy of Ulta

With the curling wand you can create soft  beach waves and Kim Kardashian curls you can do the same with the flexi rods.

Click here to see our sexy flexi rod set video

Flexi Rod image courtesy of  www.naptural85.com
Flexi Rod image courtesy of www.naptural85.com

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