Image of Syleena Johnson after being styled by Kim Kimble of LA Hair

Last week on LA hair, Kim Kimble styled Syleena Johnson’s hair with a gadget that gave her beautiful curls. Days ago Kim revealed her beauty secret on her facebook fan page. The bulky looking gadget is called the Instyler Rotating Hot Iron and its available for purchase at Target. I think I may have to purchase this tool to create beautiful curls.


The Instyler

If you like curly styles then the curling wand and flexi-rods is a must.

Curling Wand:

Conair curling want. Image courtesy of Ulta

With the curling wand you can create soft  beach waves and Kim Kardashian curls you can do the same with the flexi rods.

Click here to see our sexy flexi rod set video

Flexi Rod image courtesy of
Flexi Rod image courtesy of